Woman creates dress out of some-more than 10000 Starburst candy wrappers

(ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa.) — This woman’s dress certain is one honeyed conform statement.

Emily Seilhamer, of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, finished a colorful dress wholly out of Starburst candy wrappers.

She pronounced she used some-more than 10,000 wrappers in total.

“In only one row, there’s about 300 wrappers to hang it around my whole body,” Seilhamer, 24, told ABC News. “Because it took so long, a Starburst association kept discontinuing some of a colors we was using, so we had to correct a settlement a integrate times. But that’s OK. we indeed like this settlement better.”

It took her 5 years to complete, with her essentially operative on it while in college.

“I would lay for hours folding wrappers while study for college classes or examination TV,” she recalled. “It also became rather therapeutic.”

Her husband’s honeyed tooth desirous a plan — his favorite candy is Starburst.

“The initial time we met him he offering me a container of Starburst,” she pronounced of her husband, Malachi Seilhamer. “He gave me a container and once he pennyless a ice, he kept bringing me packs of Starburst. We were in play together and we said, ‘Hey, I’d like to make something out of these. Do we mind saving them?’ He would eat them and move me grocery bags full [of a wrappers]. we was like, ‘Wow, we can do something flattering large from this.’”

“Thank integrity nobody got any cavities,” she pronounced with a laugh.

Emily Seilhamer pronounced she finished a dress a few months before her father proposed, that was ideal timing so she could concentration her efforts on creation her marriage dress instead. But a Starburst dress still binds a many nauseating value to a couple.

“Because we met by a candies, a dress had a mark during a marriage accepting for everybody to see,” pronounced Emily Seilhamer.

The artist pronounced she now skeleton to work on during slightest one upcycled outfit a year.

“This dress was a start of my hobby doing upcycled dresses,” she said. “I’ve finished one of men’s neckties, and only recently a open dress out of my grandmother’s kitchen wallpaper.”

And nonetheless her friends suspicion she was “a small nutty” during first, they’ve given “gotten used to it.”

“Funny thing is, we don’t know how to sew,” pronounced Emily Seilhamer. “I know how to use a sewing appurtenance nonetheless I’ve never indeed schooled how to follow a pattern. But we am a crafter so we if we can design something in my head, we can customarily figure it out.”

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