Thom Browne

When Thom Browne was a baby, he got a span of baby shoes. Formless moccasins. Genderless heavenly small bootees. And they were never thrown away. For it is, apparently, a rather pleasing Browne family tradition to drop all Browne newcomers’ initial span of boots in bullion as observance and celebration. Tonight – placed in a vitrine and given a further of a tricolor Browne tag – these teeny-weeny boots were during a core of a strenuously transgressive show.

“I like a thought that when we are a baby we wear flattering most a same wardrobe as your brothers and sisters. And we cruise that enlightenment dictates that approach and what kind of wardrobe we wear – though it is good that we can flattering most do whatever we want,” pronounced a engineer backstage.

But of march we don’t wear whatever we want, do we? Because there are some things we are conditioned not to wish – to not even consider. Convention dictates that a whole tie of wardrobe options are disdainful to one gender or another. Actually, it is group who are flattering most a some-more hidebound gender in this regard. We still applaud Le Tuxedo for women. But when – detached from a extraordinary though culturally specific outliers of drag or normal dress – do we applaud Le Skirt for men?

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