These overwhelming marriage dresses are done out of toilet paper (yes, really!)

The first-place leader of a competition will win $10,000 and a second- and third-place winners will accept $5,000 and $2,000, respectively. The leader of a fan voting competition will also take home $1,000.

Toilet paper marriage dresses
Susan Nicholson of Kennesaw, Georgia, outdid herself with this Cinderella-style

“We are in consistent astonishment of these artfully crafted dresses year after year and wish to continue to enthuse brides both past and benefaction with these couture creations,” Susan Bain, a co-founder of Cheap Chic Weddings, pronounced in a release.

Toilet paper marriage dresses
This is a initial time Chae Rim of Centerville, Ohio, has entered a

Some of a contestants this year are first-time entrants, while others have entered mixed times in a past. Aug Manzanares has entered 3 times, and has also reached a tip 10 3 times.

Toilet paper marriage dresses
“Using radical materials to emanate conform is one of my favorite things to do as it shows that conform is a universe though boundary or rules,” pronounced engineer Augusto

“I am a engineer who loves to work with radical materials like toilet paper,” a New York City-based engineer pronounced in a statement. “I wanted to emanate and plea myself in creation a apparition of a edging fabric and creation it some-more stretchable to be some-more gentle for a chairman to wear.”

Julie Haas of Stockton, Illinois, suspicion outward a box when she designed this blue and pinkish gown. This is her fourth year in a tip 10.

Toilet paper marriage dresses
Julie Haas of Stockton, Illinois, used pastel blue and pinkish toilet paper to emanate this

And engineer Frank Cazares outdid himself with this intricately woven dress and headpiece.

Toilet paper marriage dresses
Frank Cazares of Palm Springs, California, used unimaginable craftsmanship to emanate this TP gown.

Finally, Mimoza Haska done this unimaginable robe desirous by spring.

“It’s a corset tip and three-layered, princess-style bottom,” Haska explained in a statement. “The tip covering is like lace.”

Toilet paper marriage dresses
Donna Vincler won a grand esteem in 2015, and she’s behind with this implausible floral masterpiece.

The grand esteem leader won’t be announced until Jun 20, though it’s protected to contend all these designers are … on a roll!

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