The Wonder Woman Effect

And a catchy French Double repository featured Joan Severance, a indication and actress, wearing one of their molded black bustier collaborations with Allen Jones in a stream spring/summer issue. “We’d never been in that repository before,” Mr. Malem said. Now “we’re unprotected to a whole new audience.” Even Donatella Versace riffed on a Wonder Woman demeanour in her new couture collection, with a corseted catsuit festive with scarcely 8,000 sequins and a bullion leather minidress.


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Though best famous currently for their film work, that has enclosed Luke Evans’s red leather coupler in this year’s “Beauty and a Beast,” as good as a 2008 “Dark Knight” bat suit, Whitaker Malem began life as a conform residence in 1988, focusing on leather. The designers had met by possibility during a residence celebration in London dual years earlier; Mr. Whitaker was study conform pattern during Central Saint Martins and Mr. Malem was behaving during a Tricycle Theater in Kilburn, northwest London, after dropping out of a hairdressing march during a London College of Fashion.

After dual runway collections and after sauce such names as Paula Abdul and Cher in leather, however, a dual were still struggling to make ends meet, and changed into collaborating with other conform designers. They done a bullion leather dress for Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 1997 Givenchy collection, and a leather eagle bustier for Tommy Hilfiger’s spring/summer 2000 Red Label.


Items from Whitaker Malem, a conform code in London behind a lead leather armor ragged in “Wonder Woman.”

Whitaker Malem

“Our biggest conform mistake was that Isabella Blow asked a P.R. to be given one of a dresses and we wouldn’t let her have it,” pronounced Mr. Whitaker, referring to a late famed British stylist and indicating to a sketch of a bullion sequence mail dress with a bullion molded ivy root leather bustier in one of their scrapbooks. “Maybe, had we given it to her, things competence have been different.”

Still, it was a training knowledge that helped them welcome their newfound Wonder Woman fame.

Mr. Malem and Mr. Whitaker are now focusing on personal excellent art work, saved by their film fees, that mostly involves masculine and womanlike bodies fashioned in leather and spliced together to emanate a wall sculpture.

“We wish that a people who consider this Wonder Woman things is cold are going to wish to have it on their walls when we sell it,” pronounced Mr. Whitaker, indicating out a superhero overtones of an idealized hermaphroditic body. The pieces were initial shown during a excellent leatherwork muster curated by a British leather products veteran, Bill Amberg, during May’s London Craft Week only as “Wonder Woman’s” broadside appurtenance was cranking up. This tumble a solo uncover patrician “Leather Unbound,” partial retrospective, partial new work (part, yes, “Wonder Woman”) will open during a Gallery Liverpool. There are skeleton to take it to Moscow and Los Angeles later

“We’re going to uncover a Wonder Woman Barbie dolls since they are so accurate, though not in their boxes,” Mr. Whitaker said. Instead, he said, a devise is to uncover them underneath acrylic “in a cool, somewhat mocking approach to applaud a cocktail art side of things.” Photographs of a leather operative routine will also be on display, including illustrations of how a dress was gilded with gold, silver, copper and aluminum leaf.

As to either he was disturbed Wonder Woman’s interest competence be over by a late autumn, Mr. Whitaker shook his head. “The Wonder Woman Blu-ray and DVD comes out for Christmas,” he said.

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