The Sarah Hyland For Candie’s Spring Collection Has Cute AF Spring Dresses For $33

Sarah Hyland is best famous for her purpose as Hayley Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family. Dunphy is a ditsy, boy-crazy millennial yet has a good clarity of fashion, and IRL, Hyland also has good character (and is v smart). That’s since a Sarah Hyland for Candie’s open collection is so unbelievably cute.

This is Hyland’s fourth year as artistic executive of Candie’s, and during this rate, we predict many some-more collections to come. Hyland has been co-designing attire with a Candie’s artistic group for years, yet this collection outlines her initial boots collection for a code (there’s a span of lead mules I’ve got my eye on). The Spring 2018 collection has flirty, floral dresses, detailed jackets, and fun heels and flats, and it’s so affordable — prices tip out during $60.

Candie’s chose Hyland as a face and smarts of a code since a singer embodies a loyal Candie’s spirit. “The Candie’s lady to me is a ultimate girl-boss with an upbeat perspective. She is flirty nonetheless professional, and fun nonetheless responsible. She has all in a universe going on for her,” pronounced Hyland. “I’m so vehement that a open Candie’s debate resonates with a suggestion of a strange Candie’s lady and encourages a fans to be spontaneous, brave and themselves in all forms,” Hyland continued.

Courtesy of Candie’s

Hyland modeled some of her favorite pieces from a new collection in a open ad campaign. My behind a scenes sources tell me this adorably feathery dog’s name is William and we wish him.

Courtesy of Candie’s

There’s William again! Hyland is open and summer prepared in that cold-shoulder floral dress, take a demeanour during that and some-more of a products below.

Floral Cold-Shoulder Swing Dress in Runway Garden Floral



Florals for open aren’t accurately groundbreaking, yet black and white florals kind of are! As someone who always gravitates towards all things black and grey, I’m into this pale tone palette. And it comes in and size!

Floral Maxi Romper in Rose Party


$33, Kohls

If we cite some-more colorful flowers, this asymmetrical maxi dress has we lonesome (literally). The best partial about it, though, is that it’s indeed a romper! It’s got shorts underneath a dress so we don’t have highlight about any circuitously steam grates.

Embroidered Jean Moto Jacket


$44, kohls

A denim motorcycle coupler with all-over elaboration for underneath $50? Score. It’s a light faded denim that’s right on trend for open and summer.

Roll-Tab Sleeve Long Blazer in Lavender Frost


$40, Kohls

One of Hyland’s favorite pieces is this somewhat oversized blazer. we adore it too since of a floral backing on a sleeves — when we hurl them adult it’s a fun additional pop.

Lace Up Open-Front Cardigan in Iron Gate


$25, Kohls

I move a sweater with be flattering most wherever we go and anytime of year, so this grey cardigan is a good choice to a simple black sweater for spring.

Lace-Up Sweater in Peach Blush


$23, Kohls

This lead weave pinkish tip still has a bit of corner with a lace-up mistake corset detail.

Bokchoy Floral Women’s Mules


$60, Kohls

Step adult your flats diversion with a span of embroidered, lead mules. My favorite partial of mules is that we get a lightness of a sandal since of a open back, yet we can censor your chipped toenail gloss in a front.

Starlight Women’s High Heels in Black


$60, Kohls

Got any weddings to go to this spring? Try out a matter sandal like this one.

Poke Women’s Boot Heels in Taupe


$45, Kohls

One of my favorite boots is this in between bootie-sandal. It’s good for daytime or night, and a retard heel and effervescent rope during a heel will give we additional comfort.


Thanks, girl!

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