Spring ’19 Denim Trends: Bluezone Highlights New Shapes and Old Favorites

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Spring '19

Denim is benefiting from a joining of tradition and technology.

Munich-based trade show, Bluezone, presented a collection of denim trends Tuesday that applaud denim’s past and destiny equally. The change of underling cultures, a catwalk and commuter lifestyles are evident, nonetheless a classical 5-pocket jean stays a core, democratizing square in collections.

Here’s a demeanour during 8 stories that conclude denim for Spring ’19.

Bigger is better

Mid-weights and 100 percent string fabrications are pivotal in this oversized, super far-reaching farfetched trend story. Jeans are pumped up, relaxed and balloon-like with pleats and open edges. Pant legs are super-long, permitting for low cuffs or scrunching. Jeans are lasered with logos and lettering. Tops and outerwear, including dump shoulder tops, sapphire fleece tops, multi-layered jean jackets and kimono-style jackets offer versatile, unisex options.

Tech talk

Software-based technology, wearable tech and conductive yards are a reality. Layering pieces act as lightweight protecting rigging for citydwellers. Expect to see brands dally in unconventional fits, yoga looks, new laser treatments and commuter-friendly designs.

Fashion blender

This trend takes a consumer by decades of denim. Raw denim and birthright designs hit in this mixture operation of conform denim. Fabrics are of a sturdy, 100 percent string accumulation with weights typically found in retro denim collections. Overalls, dungarees, work wear elements and organic styling are juxtaposed to punk looks. Here, widen fabrics, broken washes and anti-fashion shapes are amplified with tattoo artwork, underling enlightenment prints and detailing. Stripes—both menswear-inspired and railroad—make a statement, as good as greasy coatings and allover laser prints.

Soft serve

Modal, viscose and tri-blends emanate a super soothing and drapey substructure for this casual, roughly pajama-like story. Super soothing fabrics, pale effects and elementary washes are a go-to for button-down shirts, T-shirts and jogger pants. Tencel gleam adds a florid component to open dresses and lightweight blouses and bomber jackets.

Bestsellers revisited

This thesis confirms that a interest of a white tee and blue jeans is timeless. For Spring ’19, mills are embracing fabrications and sum that continue to work during retail. Pale gray, dim washes, selected pathetic and shining blue are celebrated. The bestselling denim fits seamlessly into consumers’ denim collections.

Stretch tech

The practicality of widen denim can’t be denied. Mills continue to deposit in effervescent fabrications—be it widen in a warp, bi-stretch or hyper-stretch—along with opening enhancing record like Invista’s Coolmax and Cordura fibers. Expect to see widen fabrications in Spring ’19 women’s slim and spare and men’s slim. Ergo cuts and jogger elements come behind into play.

Natural romance

The really clarification of spring, this trend calls for pastel colors, semi-transparent fabrics and retro silhouettes. Lightweight fabrications, impassioned high-waists with liquid shapes and materials emanate dreamy, independent looks. Handmade fabrics, finishes and trims raise a fabric’s selected appearance. Crochet, lace, ruffles, gathering, eyelets and corduroy supplement texture. The thesis naturally lends itself to product stories centered around eco fibers, tolerable washes and circularity concepts.

Artistic licence

Trashy meets high conform in this confidant and artistic story. Luxury sum pulled true from a catwalk are interconnected with resisting denim fabrics. Convertible styles, collected hems and wire lacing in astonishing areas supplement an fashionable look, while unenlightened glitter, bullion foil and tickertape badge speaks to a quick conform consumer. Vivid blue washes with glossy bullion hardware are a standout.

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