Science Hill students yield giveaway garments for students in need

The thought was facile — yield a welcoming atmosphere within a propagandize that allows students giveaway entrance to garments they need most.

“We had beheld over a years during Science Hill that students come in during a winter time with brief sleeves. They don’t have jackets, they’re wearing shorts or their boots don’t fit,” Miller said.

While they were both on their approach to collect adult their promenade dresses, Miller and Lemkin motionless it would be a good thought to take an existent propagandize module and enhance it.

“We were indeed on a approach to get promenade dresses in a spring, and we beheld not everybody gets a event to get a new promenade dress,” Lemkin said. “Science Hill already had some promenade dresses for people in need, so we pronounced we could take this a step serve and get tangible garments that people need on a daily basis, so we started from that.”


The dual seniors eventually took their offer to Science Hill expertise members, who jumped on a thought and helped by donating some of a clothes. Others via a village and several used preservation stores also supposing garments and shoes.

After a lot of tough work and preparation, a dual finished a plan and entirely stocked a habit with hundreds of items, prepared to assistance yield for students in need of wardrobe during a changing seasons.

Miller and Lemkin hold an open residence Friday afternoon to benefaction their plan to a high school’s administration, expertise and other village members. They pronounced they eventually wish to enhance a module into middle, middle and facile schools via a district.

Miller pronounced she hopes to see a village get involved, and pronounced those who wish to present can move their neglected garments to a school’s front office.

“It was critical for us since we’re members of Science Hill High School, and if a propagandize isn’t in a ideal condition and everyone’s not happy, it affects all a students,” Miller said. “We only wanted to make a outrageous impact on a propagandize that would make everybody feel like a village and a family.”

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