Ji Oh

When we are a engineer who does one thing really well, it can be severe to mangle divided and start anew. It can also be tough to build on that thing in sequence to keep it uninformed and exciting. For engineer Ji Oh, that thing has always been shirting. Each season, though, she’s proven herself skilful during tweaking, ever so slightly, a deconstructed, architectural tops she is famous for. Spring 2018 is a subsequent iteration of Oh’s slow-but-steady mutation from pretender tag to full and finish ready-to-wear line. The engineer has combined some-more dresses and skirts to her repertoire and introduced a wider operation of trousers and tops. Her signature designs are still there and stronger than ever, including a beautifully tailored, striped oversize shirts that she redesigned with shorter sleeves and a quarrel of buttons that are intentionally misaligned.

Oh experimented with some-more body-conscious strapless silhouettes for cold new open dresses and played with pleating and paneling on knee-length skirts. The splendid orange strapless dress with buttons down a front was a strongest of a bunch, as was a flattering stand tip that was tied with a thick badge in a front. Whereas Oh’s prior collections had an androgynous corner to them, this one felt most some-more delicate and fun—softer, even—but of march still in line with her successful, tried-and-true DNA.

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