How Self-Made Clothing Designer Alyssa Nicole Literally Does It All

Alyssa Nicole

Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017

Alyssa Casares has combined a perfect—if tiny and controlled—storm in her conform code Alyssa Nicole, a line of ethereal, feminine, wearable-anywhere dresses, skirts and tops.

“I can post a selfie and sell a dress,” a engineer told me recently when we met for coffee in San Francisco’s South of Market district. With scarcely 30k supporters on Instagram and her possess abounding blog, Casares described her finely-tuned routine of marketing and building her brand roughly wholly on her own—and with some help from her mother who has been a outrageous supporter since Casares started out back in high school, creation promenade dresses for her friends.

Over a past decade, she has maintained a laser-focus on her customer, rising a open and tumble collection any year and selling her designs online—all while earning a grade in conform pattern from Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in 2013.

Casares spasmodic employs pattern assistants though mostly drafts, cuts, and sews a panoply wholly on her own. Orders ship in one week or less. I’m not certain we could find a faster (or some-more personal) made-to-order situation.

Alyssa Nicole

Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017

Clients also have a choice to make special requests. Want that hem to be a tiny longer? Sleeves to be shorter? Just make a note in your order. Or, schedule an in-person fittings if you’re in the San Francisco area—the use is giveaway if we sequence 4 or some-more pieces.

Her tiny productions use only deadstock fabric—leftovers from a bigger conform houses, that means a sustainable process and gorgeous materials. “I use a lot of string and silk that are healthy fibrers, and that’s also in line with my aesthetic.”

This 25-year-old might have a decade of conceptualizing underneath her belt, though she’s only removing started. In March, she began charity home decor pieces done by SF Bay Area artisans in her online shop.  It’s all partial of her devise to turn a lifestyle code and take over a world. Read a talk subsequent to learn about her punk stone past, her tip mark for holding beautiful photos, and her debility for cowboy fashion.

Let’s start during a beginning, how did we get started in conform design?

“I started my line when we was still in high school, and we was conceptualizing collections with a thought of removing into an art school—selling promenade dresses to my friends and that kind of thing. Also we wanted to get an early start to my portfolio. And afterwards we went to FIDM for conform design.”

Were we releasing anniversary collections a whole time we were in school?

“Yeah, subsequent year we will have designed a anniversary collection each singular year for 10 years. we can’t even trust that, isn’t it nuts? Spring and tumble each year.”

Yes that is nuts! I’m devising that was not standard among your classmates.

“No. No one else was putting out a line while they were in school.”

Alyssa Nicole

Alyssa Nicole Spring 2017

What gathering we to continue to do that all by school?

“I only knew we wanted to pursue a career in conform design. There was a time when we initial started school, after we graduated from high school, and we was unequivocally impressed with orders on Etsy and my online emporium and we had to take a break. But I’m driven to continue doing it now since I’m propitious in that I’ve built a patron bottom and after so long, people are still shopping things each season. we feel unequivocally propitious to have that. My clients and my business have expectations that I’m going to put something out each season.

Having a line isn’t a partial time thing—it’s burdensome though we adore it. we can’t suppose not designing.”

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