How Gal Meets Glam’s Julia Engel Used Her Blog to Launch a Line …

Some of a past year’s buzziest new brands—Premme, Eggie, Something Navy—share a startling common denominator: They’re a pattern offshoots of a Internet’s favorite conform bloggers. And like Nicolette Mason, Gabi Gregg, Jenn Im, and Arielle Charnas, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam is fasten a ranks of influencers incited designers, with a launch of her entrance conform line, reasonably called Gal Meets Glam Collection.

Engel has warranted a righteous online following that’s 1.1 million clever on Instagram alone given starting her blog in 2011. Readers group to her site for outfit tips and selling suggestions, as good as visuals showcasing her feminine, witty proceed to fashion. This led her to cruise starting her possess habit line with a same aesthetic. “I fast satisfied within a integrate years that a reason since we was gaining an assembly and a following was since people were entrance to me for a specific reason,” Engel tells Glamour, “and that was since my character and Gal Meets Glam was unequivocally specific.”

Dresses are her adored category, so it done for a healthy jumping-off indicate when formulation her first-ever conform pattern venture. “When we share a dress from another brand, [my readers] buy it and they adore it,” she adds. “So we consider it’s a usually subsequent step to emanate something that’s specific to us and yield that for them.”

Gal Meets Glam Collection launches with 44 dresses online, on a possess e-commerce and during Nordstrom, and will supplement new styles in monthly drops. For Apr a vibe is floral, pastel, and spring-wedding-appropriate. It’s also widely accessible: Every dress is reduction than $200, and is accessible in sizes 00 to 20.

“Oftentimes you’ll see some-more of a speciality dress that has fun elements, yet it’s not something that you’re constantly going to be reaching for,” Engel says. “We unequivocally focused on conceptualizing dresses for a bland lady who is bustling and on-the-go, and usually wants something put together in one object that she can strech for.”

Engel initial hatched a thought to emanate her possess line focused on classical dresses that she felt she couldn’t find on a marketplace during a under-$200 cost indicate in 2014. Getting manufacturers and retailers on house with her vision, however, took some convincing. “There were many times where they wouldn’t undisguised say, yet they would really indicate that we didn’t have as most experience,” Engel remembers, notwithstanding carrying a numbers—both in supporters and in a strong associate program—to behind it up. “But they have to know that this is entrance from such a opposite viewpoint than what they’re used to. It’s kind of like a old-school approach of thinking.”

That didn’t deter Engel, though. “Because of a assembly that we had built, it certified a thought that there are other people that wish a product like this,” she says. “There’s all of these women that follow me, and we know that they’re looking for something like this too.”

In a end, adhering to her prophesy won out for one retailer: Nordstrom, that will lift Gal Meets Glam collection both online and in name stores. Engel’s favorite dress from a initial collection is indeed an disdainful to a retailer—a fit-and-flare crepe dress with a full skirt. “If we could wear usually one object for a rest of my life, this would be it,” she says. “That was one square that Nordstrom saw and positively desired and finished adult removing mixed colors in since they were like, this is such a tack for any woman’s wardrobe.”

If we share Engel’s adore of dresses, we know what to do: Get started on your open dress collection with a initial dump in a Gal Meets Glam Collection below.

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