Here’s How Selena Gomez Stripped Down for Her “Fetish” Music Video

There are dual dresses in Selena Gomez’s new song video “Fetish,” featuring Gucci Mane. One, from Simone Rocha’s Spring 2017 collection, is stormy and festooned with ethereal small flowers. The other is a simple, dark yellow selected silk nightgown from a New York store Early Halloween. The usually accessories are a span of off-hand Dolce Gabbana heart earrings and frail white sneakers. It’s not a lot of fashion, though a visuals are as hypnotizing as any big-budget, engineer label–bedecked video, maybe even some-more so. Stylist Stella Greenspan was obliged for Gomez’s “Fetish” attire, and she worked side by side with executive Petra Collins to grasp a fear film–inspired aesthetic.

“We motionless that we wanted something that didn’t review too fashion-y,” Greenspan explains. “She indispensable to demeanour loose in a garments and they indispensable to prominence her impression in a video.” The account radically revolves around a good lady left bad. “As Selena’s impression progresses, so do a clothes—the plain, dark yellow dress is so pretty, and afterwards we see her in a crazier, Simone Rocha dress where she’s soppy and we can see her underwear beneath,” Greenspan says. She adds, “I consider these looks are really loyal to Selena’s personal character and it’s not what we would routinely consider of her wearing in a song video—you frame her of all a conform and we see a pleasing immature lady she is.”

Collins, who drew references from Nobuyoshi Araki photos and Isabelle Adjani’s opening in a film Possession, explains that she, too, wanted Gomez to seem “vulnerable and absolute during once.” “We wanted her to be autonomous, sexy, and in control of her sexuality, and a conform played a outrageous purpose in that.” The photographer and executive explains that, “for example, a Simone Rocha dress worked so good since of a approach Simone designs her wardrobe and views femininity—her dresses are apparently so beautiful, though they also reason an distortion in them. They’re layered, torn, colorful, and full.”

Above, a behind-the-scenes demeanour during a spooky, sensual, and stylish impulse behind Selena’s “Fetish” vibes.

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