Frowns but gowns: Local spousal stores feel aftershocks of Alfred Angelo bankruptcy

Michaela Ramm

The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — The remarkable closure of one of a nation’s largest spousal dress companies has left Corridor spousal stores racing to find alternatives for a altar.

In a spin of events that would make many anyone a bridezilla, Alfred Angelo, a spousal robe sequence with some-more than 60 stores inhabitant and partnerships with some-more than 1,400 retailers, sealed all a store locations though warning on Jul 12.

After dual days of silence, a association announced in a statement expelled on a website Jul 14 it had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

“We apologize for a nuisance and hardship ensuing from this event,” a matter read.

The Wall Street Journal initial reported a association skeleton to record for failure protection, that led to a closures.

The closures not customarily left business scrambling to figure out if they would get refunds, though left inner businesses scrambling to repair a problem.

Dayna Harrington, owners of Elegant Repeats and Elegant Bridal in Cedar Rapids, pronounced she had 20 business — both brides and bridesmaids — though a dresses they had systematic and paid for.

“We have possibly been means to find an choice dress or we have given refunds,” Harrington said, observant a refunds had come out of a store’s possess money register.

The inhabitant sequence had been Harrington’s customarily tradesman for brides’ dresses a past few months, and she now is acid for other avenues for bridesmaids dresses.

Retailers were given no warning about closings, withdrawal some stunned.

“We were all repelled that they went bankrupt,” Harrington said. “It was crazy given we were still removing information on a 2018 samples coming, so we don’t consider their sales member even knew about it.”

Harrington pronounced she typically spends thousands of dollars any year on samples from a company.

However, a owners of Hope’s Bridal in Atkins and Davenport pronounced conjunction of them were totally astounded by a announcement.

“I’m not totally repelled given we saw something function that I’d seen before in a industry,” pronounced Diane Miebuhr, who co-owns both store locations with her husband, Mark. “We’ve seen during slightest 3 other vital players that have sealed in a lifetime and we can customarily kind of clarity this. Mark and we had watched clues that some things were not going a same as they had been doing.”

The clues, Miebuhr said, were statements she perceived from Alfred Angelo notifying retailers a spousal sequence was undergoing an review and requesting invoices that were dual to 3 years old. It was misleading to her if it was an inner review or not.

Miebuhr pronounced all her customers’ orders arrived to a store before a failure took place.

Hope’s Bridal felt no financial impact, and Miebuhr pronounced pulling divided from a association expected recorded their bottom line.

“We feel unequivocally advantageous that we felt we finished a healthy change divided from pulling Alfred Angelo products several months ago, given we felt some things were changing,” Miebuhr said.

The association is formed in Delray Beach, Fla., and was founded in 1933 by Alfred Angelo and his wife, Edythe Piccione, in Philadelphia. In a 1960s, their children, Vincent and Michele Piccione, began using a company, that they would do for a subsequent 35 years. It was underneath a children’s care that a association stretched a sell stores opposite a country.

The Hope’s Bridal Atkins and Davenport stores, non-stop 1985 and 1993 respectively, customarily sole Alfred Angelo bridesmaids dresses given Miebuhr pronounced they had stopped offered spousal gowns when Alfred Angelo began offered directly to a business scarcely 20 years ago.

“We unequivocally finished an comprehensive finished preference with spousal gowns when (Alfred Anglo) non-stop association stores and were offered out of storefronts to a same brides that could buy in a retailer,” Miebuhr said. “They did not have a store in Iowa, so it was not a approach strike on us When a companies or manufacturers try to sell directly to a consumer during a same cost they’re seeking us to sell to a consumer, it becomes unequivocally gummy and it becomes tough for a retailer.”

David’s Bridal, a inhabitant aspirant of Alfred Angelo, didn’t rubbish any time after conference a news. In a twitter to disturbed brides and grooms, David’s betrothed a light during a finish of a tabernacle — it’s charity discounts to those influenced by their rival’s store closures.

Callie Canfield Worthington, comparison executive of open family for David’s Bridal, pronounced a company’s some-more than 300 locations opposite a nation have “been saying a consistent upsurge of brides and bridesmaids” given Jul 14. However, she didn’t know a accurate series of business who were influenced by a Alfred Angelo bankruptcy.

“My bargain is that some business are still watchful in hopes their dresses will arrive,” Canfield Worthington said.

Many brides took to amicable media final week, venting their frustration. But in new days, many women have also posted photos of their used marriage dress, charity to present them to any bride in need.

And notwithstanding what some would call a fiasco, Elegant Repeats’s Harrington pronounced she’s during slightest beholden it didn’t take place during a busiest time of a season, typically during February, Mar and April.

“With as many brides that have been impacted opposite a country, had it happened in a spring, we can’t suppose that,” she said.

The Washington Post contributed to this story.

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