From a Archives: Melania Trump’s Young Style Statements to First Lady Fashion

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Melania Trump initial done her name as a indication — so it’s unsurprising that a select lady is en track to apropos a character idol usually a few months into her husband’s presidential tenure.

The initial lady has been a front-row tie during fashion shows for a improved partial of a decade, as good as a unchanging attendee during luminary filled events, mostly alongside President Donald Trump.

In a early 2000s, Melania, famous now for her reddish-brown locks, opted for a chocolate brownish-red hair color, that she warmed adult on a repute runner with soothing makeup and dark dresses. The indication combined some glam to her looks with glossy dangly earrings and strappy lead sandals.

Melania Trump attends a Manolo Blahnik emVogue/em eventuality during New York’s Phillips de Pury Co. in Sep 2003.

When attending conform shows, Melania opted for smart looks, contrast out 2000s styles such as oversized belts and light jeans. Colorwise, she wasn’t fearful to brew things up, opting for all from prohibited pinkish to head-to-toe black.

Melania Trump wore a pinkish perfect tank tip and jeans as she sat front-row during a open 2005 Marc Jacobs uncover in New York.
Steve Eichner/WWD

Later in a decade, Melania began to select some-more professional pieces, opting for sleek, dark-colored dresses, that she interconnected with pointy-toed pumps and lax waves for some-more infrequent events. On a red carpet, Melania dared to examination more, wearing satin-colored dresses in all from teal to purple to splendid pink.

Melania and Donald Trump attend a celebration to applaud a book “Threshold Resistance” by A. Alfred Taubman during a Four Seasons in New York in 2007.
Steve Eichner/WWD

As a new decade dawned, Melania stepped divided from a splendid colors, selecting regressive black or white attire. Shoewise, Christian Louboutin stilettos emerged as Melania’s character of choice — and her adore event with a designer’s heels has continued by today.

Melania Trump All BlackMelania Trump wears all black during a Marchesa NFL T­-Shirt Launch in 2012.
Kyle Ericksen/WWD

As her father insincere a presidency in 2017, Melania went behind to a lighter colors she’d ragged in a early 2000s, selecting cream and bullion hues for initial balls. The 47-year-old has stepped out in a operation of colors given apropos initial lady, though she continues to preference dark shades for many events.

Melania wears a white robe during a Liberty Ball Jan. 20.

Click through a gallery to see some-more of Melania’s character over a years. 

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