Elle Fanning’s Unicorn Gown by Vivienne Westwood on a Cannes Red Carpet

Elle Fanning, who only arrived in Cannes for a entrance of her latest film, Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, has described herself as “a unicorn flower child during heart, churned with a schoolboy and a occasional Cali surfer dude.” That has translated to some whimsical, fashion-forward red runner looks, including a Vivienne Westwood robe she wore for tonight’s opening rite of a Cannes Film Festival. It’s a initial demeanour that indeed facilities Fanning’s favorite visionary creature: If we demeanour closely, you’ll see a unicorn hand-painted on a sight in candy pink. In fact, a unicorn was Fanning’s idea—she worked with Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler on a tradition gown, that is a complicated reinterpretation of Westwood’s iconic Bird of Paradise dresses from Spring ’05. Here, she gave Vogue an disdainful behind-the-scenes demeanour during a creation of a robe and a story behind it.

In The Beguiled, Fanning’s habit consists of 19th-century American staples like Victorian edging dresses and stormy blouses. But Westwood’s robe takes her a small serve behind in conform history: It was creatively desirous by 17th- and 18th-century salon culture, quite a corsets, bustles, and farfetched silhouettes women adored during that time. Fanning’s strapless, corseted robe comes in “snowdrop white” draped and bustled duchesse satin with a hand-painted pattern that was loosely desirous by Frans Hals’s 1624 portrayal The Laughing Cavalier. The design depicts a immature male in an impracticable silk dress festooned with bees, arrows, lover’s knots, and tongues of fire, that were meant to designate “the pleasures and heedfulness of love.” Westwood’s black applaud femininity and Fanning’s personality: There’s a sharpened star named Elle; a world Gaia, Westwood’s signature orb; and, of course, a requested unicorn, all in flattering shades of pink.

Westwood’s group says 10 people worked on a dress, that took some-more than 300 hours to finish by hand; it was finished over a march of 10 days. Check behind after this week for some-more of Fanning’s best looks in Cannes, and all a biggest news from a film festival.

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