DJ Harley Viera-Newton Wears 3 Valentino Dresses to Wed Ross …

Harley posing in her marriage rite dress and deceive for a spousal portrait.

Before DJ and HVN engineer Harley Viera-Newton marry Ross Schwartzman, whose theatre name is DJ Ross One, during an insinuate rite downtown in a heart of New York City’s West Village, she went uptown to get her Valentino marriage dress—ahem, 3 dresses, that is. On a gentle tumble day, she met her mother, sister Rio, and Valentino’s luminary family manager Alli Stein for her final wise in a salon during a store on Madison Avenue and for a mini Vogue print shoot—Carrie Bradshaw–style.

There, Harley described a lineup of marriage festivities planned: On Friday, she and Ross would go to City Hall to pointer their paperwork, and afterward, she would conduct adult to a Carlyle for an afternoon tea with her womanlike family members and a few of her closest girlfriends. Saturday morning, there would be a tiny rite during Palma on Cornelia Street in a Village followed by a infrequent lunch. Saturday evening, a genuine eventuality begins, she said, with a black-tie cooking celebration during One If By Land, Two If By Sea (which was before Aaron Burr’s home and is mostly cited as a many regretful grill in a city). After dinner, trams would packet guest to Omar’s for a fun dance party.

“It was unequivocally critical to Ross and me that a whole marriage day was unequivocally insinuate and that any venue feel unequivocally ‘us,’ ” records Harley. “We picked places that we’ve possibly desired forever, or venues that already constraint a cultured as they are.” They worked with Lauren and Serena during Merriman Events and while they didn’t build anything from scratch, they did raise a existent venues with tiny special touches.

Harley took a same proceed toward her wardrobe. She’s always precious Valentino, job a designs “absolute dream dresses.” “Every square is so superb and intricate, and we always feel my unequivocally best in their specific cuts and fits,” she says. “When it came time to collect a dress, it wasn’t even a question. My heart was set on wearing Valentino, and we knew privately that we wanted to lift from their implausible archive. With a assistance of my angel, Allison, on their team, we wanted down my unequivocally favorites from seasons past.”

For a ceremony, she wore a macramé edging dress that she’s suspicion about ever given she initial saw it on a Spring 2013 runway. “The edging has small floral cut-outs, and we adore a unequivocally elementary long-sleeved mainstay silhouette,” says Harley. “I’m pairing it with a overwhelming Monvieve French edging veil, and when we demeanour closely enough, there are small particles of shine sewn into a edging to simulate a light as we travel down a aisle. Jewelry-wise, I’m vouchsafing a earrings do a articulate with a beautiful span of DeBeers dump diamonds. The whole rite outfit feels so classical to me, and we know it’s something we will adore for a rest of my life.”

At dinner, she altered into a second Valentino gown. “I can’t explain a approach we felt when we attempted this dress on for a initial time,” she says. “It was like it was done for me. We didn’t have to tailor it or hold it during all; we only zipped it on and it was perfect. I’ve always desired a bit of a cupcake gown, and this dress from a 2013 Pre-Fall collection has only a right volume of volume with artistic beaded flowers and latticing all over a tulle.” In an try to take a outfit into The Crown territory, she accessorized with a Miu Miu pearl and clear tiara, a Charlotte Olympia clutch, and a span of DeBeers dump diamonds.

On Friday, Harley wore a selected three-piece Chanel skirtsuit that she found in Miami to City Hall and tea during a Carlyle. “It was truly meant to be,” says Harley. “When we walked into a selected store and asked, ‘Do we occur to have anything bridal?’ They forked me to a mannequin station right subsequent to me, and there she was!” The fit has ethereal sequin lace, beaded floral trims on all 3 pieces, and is in primitive condition. “It was an investment squeeze that we felt generally good about since after a wedding, we know we will wear any square alone in so many opposite ways,” Harley adds.

For a tea, she updated a fit with a span of new Chanel slingbacks, a splendid white turn Chanel purse, and a span of Dolce Gabbana clear crawl earrings Ross gave her as a benefaction a week before a wedding.

The dance celebration during Omar’s called for a critical lewk, though Harley also knew she wanted an outfit that she felt unequivocally gentle in. She eventually picked a white edging Valentino minidress with somewhat belled sleeves and beaded white butterflies opposite a chest from a 2017 Resort collection. She combined play with a selected white faux-feather cloak that she found during Happy Isles in Los Angeles that only happened to be a accurate same length as a dress and surfaced off a outfit with a span of Alessandra Rich vast clear heart earrings. “I adore them so much!” she squeals. “They are so most fun.”

Fun was a sequence of a night. Harley and Ross, dual seasoned nightlife veterans, did their initial dance to French Montana’s “Unforgettable”—breaking it down on a dance building and removing a celebration started, only like dual besotted, crazy in adore DJs should.

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