Cordeiro sisters go from employees to owners of Party Dress Express

Fall River locals started operative in a store as teenagers

FALL RIVER — Sixteen years after she started operative during Party Dress Express, Jessica Cordeiro can now call herself boss.

Cordeiro and her younger sister, Adrianna Cordeiro, started operative during Party Dress Express when they were teenagers in high school. Now, a Fall River locals are a owners of a end store for all things spousal and prom. Donna Holland, a former owners has radically retired, though she’s still going to coach them for a while.

Cordeiro started as a anniversary workman during a bustling marriage and promenade time when she was 16 years old. After she graduated from high school, she started holding classes to turn a dental hygienist, though Holland saw something else for Cordeiro’s future. “She kept revelation me we have such a knack for retail. Take a integrate classes in business or a teenager during least,” pronounced Cordeiro. “I unequivocally wasn’t into it, though afterwards she starting giving me a small some-more shortcoming and she done me a buyer.”

Traveling to shows in Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas on shopping trips and envisioning a people who would be wearing a spousal and promenade dresses showed her an wholly new area of a business, one that she took to right away. Two years later, Holland promoted her to store manager during age 22. In further to buying, Cordeiro was also employing employees, training staff and using a day-to-day operation alongside Holland.

That was about 12 years ago and even during that time, Cordeiro pronounced she didn’t see herself as a owners one day. “She kept revelation me we was done for this business,” she recalled.

Since holding over during a commencement of July, a sisters sealed a business for a week to repaint a atmospheric 20,000-square-foot store, veneer a floors, rearrange and move in new merchandise. In a future, Cordeiro pronounced she might demeanour into adding tuxedo rentals and presumably slip to a line of women’s dresses, gowns, boots and accessories. “I’m excited. we couldn’t see myself doing anything else and we couldn’t see me doing this with anybody else though my sister,” she added.

Adrianna started as a website engineer 12 years ago operative her approach adult to spousal manager and spousal buyer. “She and we are on a same spectrum; we both come from a same credentials of shopping and managing. We both like opposite things so that helps. She’s all about a spousal and I’m some-more for missy, social, prom/pageant,” pronounced Cordeiro.

Their parents, Carlos and Donna Cordeiro, are really unapproachable of them, she said. “They’re really vehement for us. We put a lot of work into a store, we contributed a lot of years and they’re happy to see it going brazen They wish to see us have a good destiny and with this, we will.”

The store draws business from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, The Cape and Boston. Collectively, they have about 15,000 dresses in batch with new arrivals daily and 37 sauce rooms. They also batch dresses in cost points that work with each budget. “Luckily, we have a large adequate store that allows us to do that,” she said.

They also sell dresses in an array of prices for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve parties, troops balls and beauty pageants. “This time of year, when we have a lot of sales, manifestation contestants dip adult promenade dresses. If they can come in and buy a dress for as as low as $50 that’s a large and for them, generally given they need so many,” she said.

The store was creatively located opposite a transport in another former mill. When Burlington Coat Factory changed several years ago, Party Dress Express took over a space during 657 Quarry St. The accessible and associating sales staff and an alterations store opposite a gymnasium also keep generations of business entrance behind to a store. “Whenever we demeanour during patron reviews, one of a initial things they contend is how accessible everybody is here. We truly work together as a team,” pronounced Cordeiro.

Over a years, Cordeiro has seen lots of trends come and go. This past year, a trend for proms was two-piece dresses with cropped tops and floral prints. For weddings, a traditional-looking dress is always renouned and these days, they’re saying some-more end marriage brides, who cite to buy a bridesmaid’s dress systematic in white or ivory for palliate of travel.

She expects two-piece dresses and florals to be renouned again subsequent open for promenade clothes along with some-more entirely beaded gowns. “The humorous thing is, when we initial started operative for Donna these were all a trends during that time. It’s like a circle can usually be invented so many times so they move all behind in and this is one of those times. It’s humorous how story repeats itself” she said.

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