Cedar Park tailor Sewing By Fatima offers grave wear and alterations on Bell Boulevard

  • Clothing is displayed on mannequins during Sewing By Fatima. Owner and master tailor Fatima Reyes has owned her tailor emporium for 5 years, and she hopes to open mixed shops in a entrance years.
    Albert Alvarado/Community Impact Newspaper

  • Fatima Reyes works to correct a zipper on a dress. Her emporium specializes in alternations and dry cleaning and offers a accumulation of dresses for purchase.

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At Sewing By Fatima, visitors can see owners Fatima Reyes’ artistic suggestion in a sequined dresses on mannequins flashy with glittery accessories. Reyes pronounced her work ethic and enterprise to be her possess trainer led her to start her possess tailor emporium on Bell Boulevard in Cedar Park 5 years ago.

“I’ve always been independent,” she said. “I never favourite to worked for anyone.”

Sewing By Fatima specializes in alterations and dry cleaning and sells an endless accumulation of bridal, prom, quinceañera and initial communion grave dresses. Reyes pronounced she hopes to have mixed shops open within a subsequent integrate of years.

In Apr Reyes and her three-person organisation have been operative on last-minute promenade dress sum that are renouned during a spring.

“She conquers everything,” receptionist Sandy Jolly pronounced about a shop’s master tailor.  “She can repair anything.”

Reyes’ work with wardrobe began as a immature adult in a Mexican state of Zacatecas. She began operative during a Mattel tailor shop, that indispensable seamstresses and tailors to make wardrobe for Barbie dolls. Reyes worked there for 8 years where she helped make a tiny, minute dresses and infrequent wear for an estimated 13,000 dolls each week.

“It was unequivocally easy,” Reyes said.  “We used to make a garments for Barbie’s kids, Ken, all of them.”

From there, Reyes worked on disdainful wardrobe lines for Tadashi Shoji in Los Angeles and afterwards managed a tailor emporium for Walmart in Mexico with about 80-90 employees.

She changed to Central Texas 10 years ago and pronounced a event and plcae were a large reason because she non-stop a emporium when she did.   

The mark along Bell opposite from a H2O Hand Car Wash Detail allows for high trade and is manifest to intensity customers. Customers can also dump off and collect adult equipment on their approach to or behind from Austin.

Reyes pronounced a open not usually brings flowers to a area, though also some-more business and some of her favorite dresses to work on.

“Right now a promenade is giving us a lot of work; that’s what we like a most,” Reyes said.

Sewing By Fatima
605 N. Bell Blvd., Ste. 103, Cedar Park
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m., sealed Sun.

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