Bankrupt Alfred Angelo auctions off marriage dresses in Deerfield Beach warehouse

The Alfred Angelo Bridal auction on Saturday drew liquidators and tiny business owners looking to buy a discount — though there were no successful bulk bids for a 6,000 marriage gowns and bridesmaid dresses during a broke company’s Deerfield Beach warehouse.

There was an initial bid of $125,000 for a lot, though that was too low for a auctioneer and keeper for Alfred Angelo to accept. So auctioneer Stan Crooks and his staff, and keeper Margaret Smith staid in to spend a subsequent 6 hours auctioning a remaining essence of a warehouse.

The auction continues during 692 S. Military Trail, Deerfield Beach until a apparatus are gone.

Crooks pronounced he expects a auction to beget between $250,000 and $500,000 toward a company’s debt.

Delray Beach-based Alfred Angelo Bridal sealed a stores worldwide in mid-July, filing for Chapter 11 liquidation. While some brides were connected with their dresses, a keeper has pronounced she can no longer broach any dresses to business who had tentative orders.

Flowing white dresses, tiaras, veils, jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, fabrics and sewing apparatus in a room are among a final vestiges in South Florida of a storied spousal robe maker. But sketch a many early seductiveness during auction was a 2008 Ford load outpost with 53,000 miles and a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox with 103,000 miles.

Soon after a eventuality began, auction regulars Scott and Pam Price of Loxahatchee won a Alfred Angelo outpost for $5,300.

“We did a pursuit for a day. Now we can go play,” Scott Price said, adding that he expects a outpost will fetch about $8,000 when they sell it on a indiscriminate market.