21 things we wish I’d famous before shopping my marriage dress

Some people call me dramatic. we like to contend we elaborate for effect. But everybody certified my freak-out was wise when, 3 weeks before my wedding, we found myself yet a marriage dress.

we wish to censure a downtown boutique that sole me my initial dress (traumatic sum on that below), yet looking back, we comprehend that each difficulty we found myself in was indeed preventable — it’s usually that we didn’t know what to expect. Allow me to gangling we from creation a mistakes we made.

1. “Say Yes to a Dress” is not genuine life

There will not be a throng of 12 hooting, hollering or happy-crying when we travel out in “the dress.” Most stores (including Kleinfeld, where #SYTTD films) usually let we move dual people — maybe 3 — to your appointment.

My tip: Invite a many honest chairman we know and a many supportive chairman we know. My mom (honest) would tell me if a dress flat-out didn’t work (after perplexing dozens on, infrequently we remove hold with reality). And my aunt (sensitive) told me we looked pleasing in everything. And my friends stayed home.


2. If we don’t wear strapless dresses in genuine life, don’t wear a strapless dress on your marriage day

Ninety percent of a marriage dresses you’ll demeanour during will be strapless, that creates positively no clarity when we cruise of how few real-life dresses are strapless. we was talked into selling a strapless dress — “Have an open mind!” — even yet I’ve never ragged one in my life. (Except when those Juicy Couture felt-y dresses were quickly a thing. Was that Summer ’05?) Your marriage day is not a day to try a new style.

3. If a dress does not demeanour good on we during a store, don’t trust “It’ll fit improved in your size”

we was told a representation we attempted on would work when it arrived in my stretch — that we wouldn’t even need a bra. (That should have been a red flag; we have a stretch D cup). When my strapless dress arrived, we was repelled to find it offering no support to my rack. When we brought it to a seamstress, she suggested spaghetti straps. SPAGHETTI STRAPS.

4. Go to a store with an in-house seamstress

If a dress comes in and does not work on your physique (did we discuss a spaghetti tag suggestion?), you’ll wish a store that sole we a dress to feel invested in a final result. Plus, in-house seamstresses are informed with a dresses on their boutique’s racks, and know forward of time what’s probable and what’s not.

5. If we don’t go to a store with a seamstress, splurge on a good one

we took my ill-fitting strapless dress to a (relatively) cheaper of dual endorsed seamstresses for a fitting. After conference we indispensable to deconstruct a whole dress over a march of a month to make it work (“You have vast breasts! You need a bra!”), we took it to a pricey New York City tailor. She didn’t repair a dress we hated, yet she offering lots of options — and she didn’t make me cry.


6. If we cry tough enough, a store will stay open late for a consultation

This is a partial where we lapse a strapless dress.

After we satisfied that a initial dress we bought — that was mislaid and behind even yet I’d paid to have it rushed — would not fit a approach a boutique we bought it from pronounced it would, we found myself pathetic and erratic a streets aimlessly. Then, a crony told me to get to J. Crew. Staffers offering me Pellegrino and tissues and told me they were requisitioned solid, yet that if we came behind during 8 p.m. (after a store closed!), they would fist me in. And they did! Into a dress that arrived during my front doorway by noon a subsequent day. (If usually J. Crew still did bridal!)

7. Pre-owned dresses are awesome

Until we found myself yet a dress usually 20 days before my wedding, we didn’t cruise wearing a pre-owned dress. But, while watchful for my last-minute J. Crew appointment, we scoured a Internet for other off-the-rack options, and found that one we positively desired — a dainty Alberta Ferretti robe WITH straps (not spaghetti!) — was being sole for one-third of a strange cost by a lady within pushing distance. we done it to her apartment, attempted on her dress (which was in ideal condition, carrying usually been ragged once) and wrote her a check.

I’m not a usually bride to understanding with marriage dress drama; when we common my tale with coworkers, everybody seemed to have a useful tipthe kind of recommendation that could have saved me a lot of stress.

So from us to you, here’s what TODAY newlyweds wish we’d famous before selling a marriage dress:

Rebecca Davis / TODAY

8. Keep an open mind

As we know, I let TODAY.com viewers collect my dress … and for me, it was substantially best to let go and usually trust. we swooned for a thespian navy blue floral Douglas Hannant round robe and afterwards deliberate a honeyed elementary white string maxi dress. we can be indecisive, and with 6 weeks to devise everything, it helped to have some boundaries. – Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style Squad member


9. Don’t be frightened to hatred your “dream” dress

we walked in with a transparent picture of what form of dress we wanted and finished with something TOTALLY different. You have to be means to kill your darlings … even in a sauce room. – Charisse Larado, TODAY producer

10. Don’t dedicate to a dress until you’ve set a date and picked your location

What we adore competence not fit with a season and/or venue we eventually book. A silk dress for a summer southern wedding?You’re going to persperate true by that puppy! – Charisse Larado

11. If we buy a dress that we hate, don’t worry

You can always buy another one and resell a initial dress online. – Charisse Larado


12. If we sequence within a six-month mark, we can be charged a rush fee

Be certain to make a preference before 6 months to go hits (if we aren’t formulation on selling off a rack). – Katie Buckley, TODAY producer

13. Don’t feel pressured to buy a deceive or accessories from a spousal salon

Shop around for accessories. A spousal boutique in New York attempted to sell me a deceive for $1,100. we took a photo, brought it to a fabric store in a Garment District, and they done a same one for around $375. – Katie Buckley


14. Go to a store where we can indeed travel by and hold dresses, feel fabrics, etc.

Pictures of dresses and tangible dresses can feel utterly different. – Vivian Fel Solomon, TODAY producer

15. Trust your gut

we was astounded to like a lot of dresses on! And any of them would have totally worked. But there is *one* that sticks in your head. Take a travel after perplexing dresses on to transparent your conduct … and we will keep meditative and devising yourself in a *one*. It’s subjective. You have to adore it. – Vivian Fel Solomon


16. Eat a good dish before we go selling …

… Even if we cruise we wish to be as slim as we can be for a experience. If we get hungry, we will get fractious and that creates all worse. we turn an emotional, inconclusive disaster on an dull stomach, so we downed a Chipotle burrito before streamer to a spousal shop. Keeping it classy. – Amy Eley, TODAY.com handling editor

17. Keep an eye out for sales during a store even after we buy a dress

J. Crew ran a 30-percent-off sale on marriage dresses 3 weeks after we bought my gown. we called and they respected a new sale price. Cha-ching! – Amy Eley

18. If your dress has sleeves, make certain we can lift your arms up

we could not, and we didn’t comprehend that until my marriage day when we went to cuddle my husband. – Amy Eley

19. Don’t buy a smaller dress and put that vigour on yourself to remove weight before a vast day

J. Crew usually had a stretch 2 left of my gown. we am not a stretch 2 (never have been) yet we assured myself that we could chug immature extract and practice each day and afterwards we would be a stretch 2. Guess what? My marriage day came around and we was still not a stretch 2. Breathing was a vital struggle. – Amy Eley

20. Wear a same bra to your wise that you’ll wear on your marriage day

A tip from my seamstress to get that bodice wise usually right. – Amy Eley


21. It’s OK to get cold feet — about your dress

It’s normal to bewail your marriage dress in a months between selling it and indeed removing to your fittings, given we don’t get to spend that most time in a dress before we have to lift a trigger — and afterwards we have to wait so prolonged for your tangible robe to arrive.

we bought a dramatic, mermaid-style dress — accurately a conflicting of what we suspicion we would finish adult with — since when we put it on, it felt extraordinary and fun. But in a months before my fittings, all we had to remember it by was a becloud print snapped by one of my friends from a bad angle, and we started to feel like I’d done a outrageous mistake. we couldn’t stop meditative about another dress I’d roughly bought, a slim, silky cut. As we waited for my dress to arrive, this other dress loomed vast in my memory. But certain enough, when we finally put my dress on, a strange feelings flooded behind — we was so happy! — accurately what we wanted.

If we desired it when we bought it, don’t stress! As prolonged as we were certain it was “the one” when we put it on and it creates we feel pleasing and happy, afterwards it will still make we feel that approach when it’s time for we to indeed wear it. – Meena Duerson, TODAY.com editorial director

You see, it shouldn’t have to be that hard!

This essay was creatively published on Jun. 18, 2014 on TODAY.com.

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